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What is bam?

Bam is a fast and flexible build system. Bam uses Lua to describe the build process. It's takes its inspiration for the script files from scons. While scons focuses on being 100% correct when building, bam makes a few sacrifices to acquire fast full and incremental build times.

Getting bam

Bam is only distributed as source. Current version is 0.4.0.

An archive of all the releases can be found here. You can also browse the source here.

Getting the very latest bam

You can clone the project with git by running:

  $ git clone git://
You can download the master branch (not garanteed to be stable) by using these links: You can also visit bam over at github.


The manual is not finished but contains a lot of useful information. Please follow the links below. Feel free to leave comments on possible improvements for the manual.

Missing features

There is a few important things that are missing from the current versions of bam. This can be good to know.